Questionnaire & First Meet

Feeling ready to work on your wardrobe and style? That´s great! You will start your empowering journey with a questionnaire followed by an online consultation.


The main objectives are to understand your current wardrobe issues, structure your thoughts and find the best fitting service (or a combination of them).


Note: Free of charge if you end up buying a service.

  • questionnaire
  • online consultation (1 hour)
  • PDF-file with the analysis of your current wardrobe issues (based on your questionnaire answers) and solution proposal.

Wardrobe Deep Dive

This is my unique and most popular educational service. An effective combination of basic knowledge and practical tools to elevate your wardrobe and style.


Together we not only complete an inventory of your closet, remove outdated pieces, and identify shopping gaps, but also delve into the nuances of your unique personality, appearance, and lifestyle. It’s a great starting point for new clients as the preparation process also allows a good theoretical knowledgebase.


Note: Service covers one season. Structure could be complemented with additional services to perfectly match your individual needs.


  • basic color + print analysis
  • basic figure analysis
  • style definition + style directions based on questionnaire + individualized style test
  • lifestyle analysis, wardrobe task definition, wardrobe strategy development
  • 1 consultation to answer all your questions


Wardrobe edit:

  • educational wardrobe audit/edit: max. 100 items (incl. accessories)
  • identification of essential pieces
  • analysis of missing pieces
  • proposal of seasonal colors



  • PDF-file with a summary of the most important information to help you improve your wardrobe: basic theoretical slides (appearance/style/lifestyle), wardrobe project, shopping list with visualization (+10 examples of outfits with styling recommendations), analysis of the main mistakes in your wardrobe (+ recommendations on how to improve the situation).
  • final consultation (1 hour)
  • chat support (2 weeks)

Wardrobe Check (Seasonal)

“Let´s get straight to the point” service to find new styling solutions, complete the seasonal transition and create a smart shopping list.


Ideal for skilled clients, who are generally satisfied with their clothes, but want to make sure their wardrobe is on the right track.


Note: Unlike the Wardrobe Deep Dive, this service has less of an educational purpose.


  • questionnaire + style test
  • online consultation to discuss test results and identify areas of focus (1 hour)


Wardrobe edit:

  • wardrobe audit/edit (max. 80 items, incl. accessories)
  • analysis of missing pieces
  • suggestion of seasonal colors



  • PDF-file with picture documentation of outfits, shopping list (without visualization), styling recommendations
  • final online consultation (1 hour)
  • chat support (1 week)

Wardrobe Digitalization

Are you an impulse shopper? And/or do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes you got in your wardrobe? There is a solution!


Having all your clothes in a digital form helps you use your wardrobe much more effectively. With easy access from anywhere you will never lose track and forget what you own. Plus … you can practice digital outfit creation which will train your eye, develop your style, and form conscious, long-term habits. This service will also give you some useful tips on how to organise your wardrobe (and keep it tidy).


Note: Service could be booked in addition to any wardrobe analysis. For offline clients only.

  • professional photo digitalization of your clothes and accessories (max. 100 items)
  • PowerPoint or app (Getwardrobe, OpenWardrobe) closet organization
  • PDF-file with helpful instructions and tips (organization methods, taboos, literature suggestions, etc.)

In-Depth Color / Print Analysis

Have you ever noticed how certain colors can make you look tired and washed out, while others instantly make you look fresh and stunning? It's not just your imagination, colors have indeed a huge impact on how we look.


The aim of the analysis is to determine your unique color profile based on the natural coloring of your eyes, hair, and skin. This allows to select your WOW-colors and prints which truly bring out your natural beauty. Btw, it doesn’t just work with clothes. For example, you could apply gained knowledge while selecting new hair shade or make-up products.


Note: The analysis has a much deeper approach than the “basic color + print analysis” of the Wardrobe Deep Dive and can be booked additionally/separately.

  • initial online consultation to determine your current focus on goals
  • color questionnaire, photo analysis
  • PDF-file with personalized recommendations and educational materials: suitable color + print examples, harmonious color combinations, many visual examples + styling tricks, your color palette
  • final online consultation

In-Depth Figure Analysis

Our eyes perceive a figure as a set of lines, geometric objects, and volumes. The ratio of these elements creates the proportion of the figure. With the right clothes (or should I say silhouettes?) you can consciously “correct” some of the nuances if needed.


The service takes into account features such as your horizontal and vertical proportions, your body structure (e.g. bones) and even how you move in space (dynamic movement) to show you which items will make you look your best.


Note: The analysis has a much deeper approach than the “basic figure analysis” of the Wardrobe Deep Dive and can be booked additionally/separately.

  • initial online consultation to determine your current focus and goals
  • figure questionnaire, photo analysis, measurements, video analysis
  • PDF-file with your figure analysis, corrective techniques (lengths, silhouettes), styling tricks; concrete recommendations for tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpsuits, coats and accessories
  • final online consultation

Style Development Sessions

Style not only affects how other people see you, but also how you perceive yourself. Unlocking your personal style could improve your confidence, refocus your energy, and even boost your creativity. Style is something you can learn.


In these sessions we take time to work on your unique style, taking into account your personality, values, inspirations and … of course … your current goals. For best results there are 3 possible focuses: personal style (individual style preferences, inspirations), business style (impression management), educational sessions (styling tricks, outfit building rules, etc.). The sessions are based on a psychological approach, so the final structure of them is always individual.


Note: Sessions go much deeper than the “style definition + style directions suggestions” of the Wardrobe Deep Dive and can be booked additionally/separately.

  • lifestyle or/and occasion analysis
  • style definition + style directions based on various exercises depending on your focus point (individualized style tests, inspiration, self-image, observation, reflection, getting out of comfort zone, etc.)
  • PDF-file with the analysis of collected data, key information from the sessions, moodboard, outfit examples, outfit building rules, personalized recommendations, and tips
  • 2-3 online consultations

Style Guide

Sweater in pastel-pink color or darker burgundy? Round or oval-shaped glasses? Where to find style inspiration? How to create harmonious outfits? How can I underline the length of my legs? There are so many questions you may have, but let me ask you one more … Wouldn't it be nice to have a guide, made just for you that would help you answer most of them?


In Style Guide we combine the in-depth approach of 3 services (see below) and connect the lines into your personal reference book. An extensive slide book with appearance analysis, study materials, visualizations, examples, and tips. Concrete recommendations on silhouettes, color use, outfit creation, shopping process, and wardrobe strategy. Your unique style definition and inspirations. I can go on forever. The guide will help you learn how to be your own personal stylist. Plus … it´s always in your pocket, ready to help.


Note: Loved by clients who prefer a deep all-around approach, especially effective in combination with seasonal Wardrobe Check.

  • everything from the In-Depth Color / Print Analysis
  • everything from the In-Depth Figure Analysis
  • everything from the Style Development Sessions
  • wardrobe task definition, wardrobe strategy development
  • wardrobe project (you can add some of your pieces here, or book a Wardrobe Check for the best result)
  • various outfit examples, outfit creation tips
  • personal reference book with a minimum of 100 PDF slides created just for you
  • chat support (2 weeks)


Wardrobe Analysis in Cologne